Our projects for our community

Food Pantry


Get your groceries every week on Saturday from noon to 1pm. We serve out of the Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center located at 406 north Main street in Rockford, IL. We have items ranging from pre-packaged dinners, to snacks and fresh produce,  We have a limited amount of food so come at noon sharp! 

Weekly Free Lunch


Stop by every Saturday from noon to 1:00pm and enjoy a fresh hot meal at the our Center at 1110 Arthur Ave Rockford, IL 61101. This is free and open to everyone, so we hope to see you here soon!



Slightly worn clothes are available at the ICNA Rockford location. If you would like to look through the clothing, please contact and we will arrange for someone to meet you there. 

Backpack Giveaway


School supplies become a low priority when food and other family living neccesities are at stake. Becasue of these struggles many of our Rockford students begin their achedemic school year without proper school suuplies. We want to give these students a chance and supply them with the educational material they need to prosper. 

Each backpack includes material specified on their school's supply list and cost around $40 to put together. To donate a backpack visit our donate page and specify your intent on the comments. 

Our hope is to provide a backpack to every student in rockford who needs one. If there is a school or student you know will benifit from this service please send us a message and we will be glad to assist. 








We offer classes and host events on different topics covered under the umbrella of the Islamic faith. These events and classes are open to anyone who wishes to join. Come learn with us and meet your neighbors. Everything we offer is free of charge. Details for any upcoming class or event can be found on the Stay Current page in the search bar.  

Muslim Funeral Home of Rockford


Muslim Funeral Home of Rockford was established on November 17, 2017, and will begin to provide funeral services for Muslims in the larger Rockford area in the Spring of 2018. Please donate generously to ensure the timeline for this project's completion. 

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